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Museum of Liverpool Opens Doors

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The eagerly awaited £72m Museum of Liverpool opened to the public last week.  The 8,000 square metre building is the largest purpose-built museum in Britain for more than a century, and expects to attract a whopping 750,000 visitors every year.

The museum aims to reflect the city's global significance through its unique geography, history and culture.  Visitors can explore how the port, its people, their creativity and sporting history have shaped the city.

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Egypt Update

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Our installers have recently returned from the site of the brand new Children's Museum in Cairo, Egypt, having installed a total of 21 showcases (6 Monos, 2 Prisms, and 13 Vistas).  Whilst our part of the project is complete, the museum still has some other work to complete before it can officially open its doors to the public.

The impressive 3-storey building was designed by UK-based Mallinson Architects, and comprises 13 permanent exhibits.  It is expected to be one of Cairo's top cultural attractions.

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The ClickNetherfield Fibre Optic Head Just Got Better

The ClickNetherfield fibre optic head was originally developed 17 years ago, specifically to meet the requirements of museum showcases.  In particular, it is one of the few heads that is adjustable and well-sealed enough to be used on cases requiring the tightest air exchange rates.
Our in-house design engineers have recently redesigned the head, making it one of the most current and cutting edge fibre optic light heads designed for museum use on the market.

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