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Steel Storage Units
We recently developed secure steel storage units with removable object-mount shelving for one of our clients, and are delighted to announce that we're now adding these to our product range.

The client in question had been looking for a high-quality behind-the-scenes storage system for some time, but found that nothing suitable existed on the market.  They came to us and explained their situation, and we then worked with them to develop an excellent bespoke solution which met their specification exactly.

The storage units have been specifically designed to allow museums to store and conserve artefacts whilst they are not on public display.  They are sealed to the same standards as our showcases, allow in no daylight, and are fully manufactured using inert materials.  This ensures no degradation of precious objects whilst being stored.  They also feature removable, fabric-coated object-mount shelves for ease of access.

The units can be available with glass fronts instead of steel (though still meeting the same stringent conservation standards), so that they can be used for displaying objects if the client desires, and a variety of different shelving options can be provided depending on individual requirements.

If you're interested to hear more about our storage units, or you have an alternative specialist product need which isn't being met elsewhere, then please get in touch and let us know -


Installations Trucks
We've just invested in two fantastic top of the range heavy goods vehicles for our installations team.  The ClickNetherfield-branded 14-tonne DAF L45s represent close to £100K of company investment, and we're all extremely proud to get them out on the road.

We're aware that our clients would undoubtedly prefer that we arrived at their site to install our products in branded trucks, and ultimately this investment in the company and our products is also an investment in our clients.

The trucks also come with some added environmental benefits, in that our previous 7.5-tonne hire trucks could only bear a maximum load of 3.5 tonnes.  Now we can increase our maximum payload to around 10 tonnes, thus reducing the number of trucks we need or journeys required to transport our products to our clients.

We are also now able to reduce our time on site in some instances, as the trucks' large tail lift will allow us to bring larger cases to site preassembled.

We're currently putting several extra members of our installations team through their HGV driving tests in order to maximise our logistic flexibility, which in turn will benefit the client also.


Service Technician Paul
We launched our brand new Service and Accessories Division at the beginning of June.

Under the scheme we'll be offering a range of service and maintenance work, subscription maintenance packages, upgrades, conservation equipment, various add-ons and accessories, and more.

The scheme has proved to be popular so far and our Customer Service Coordinator, Tracy who is heading up the scheme has been kept very busy.

We'll be circulating an information brochure among our clients shortly; but in the meantime for more information and to see a full list of services offered, visit our website or contact Tracy on


Museum of Islamic Art in Doha
Our next (and now famous) annual conference has been confirmed as taking place in Doha, Qatar in February 2013.

We've done a lot of work in the Gulf region over the last few years, with projects in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah and Doha. There's also a considerable number of major projects on-going in the area currently; the Louvre and the Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi are just the tip of the iceberg.

This astounding growth combined with the fact that we've always found the people in the Middle East to have a real thirst for knowledge has prompted us to take our conference to the region, planning a 2-day conference at the Museum of Islamic Art.  The main theme for this exciting event is to be "Working with Signature Architects".

We are confident that the conference will provide significant opportunities for learning and knowledge enhancement, as well as networking and relationship building with a wide variety of international museums and museum professionals.

More information, including confirmed dates and detail of speakers will be announced shortly, so watch this space!