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Challenge Accepted!

Working for the best designers and architects in the world, requires us to be the best in the world at what we do.

Our commission for the Aga Khan museum needed us to reinvent, refine and revolutionise our manufacturing processes.

We recently mitred the largest glass panels we have ever been asked to mitre. They were as tall as a fully grown giraffe and with a factory roof height of 6m it was a snug fit; we found ourselves...

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Our New Storage Range

We know there are other storage ranges available, so why would you choose ours? We looked long and hard at the competition and realised that none of the alternatives offer the high level of security or environmental performance characteristics we build into our world-class showcases every day, so we knew we could offer something better.

Our storage range is built and finished to the highest standards and we are unique in offering cabinets with specific air exchange rates which can be tailored to suit your needs, along with the best monitoring and control systems available. We also design and...

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Probably the World's Most Accurate and Precise Angled Edges Ever!

With the installation of our new Bottero edge grinding machine, we can now produce the most accurate and precise angled edges in the UK.

With a track capacity of 150kG per 1000mm this machine can profile truly enormous sheets of laminated glass.

It has 5 super abrasive diamond impregnated grinding heads with the first two...

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