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The Aga Khan Museum Showcases Our Showcases

The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto was inaugurated on the 12th September 2014. Founded by His Highness the Aga Khan, this permanent gallery exhibiting an exquisite collection of globally significant Islamic artefacts was designed by Studio Adrien Gardere.

The museum's director, Henry Kim, described the artefacts as some of the best pieces that have...

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The Journey of our Glass

Improvements in inventory management and manufacturing efficiency have released space in our headquarters in Scotland and have enabled us to reintegrate our Glass Department back into our factory.

We are now enjoying the benefits of having the glass processing capability in our main factory. Our glass now moves less than 200 meters from delivery to manufacture and dispatch, a reduction of over...

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Our Oldest Client to Date

In September of this year ClickNetherfield supplied a showcase to one if it's oldest client to date - a 4,000 year old skeleton.

Known fondly as the Racton Man, this Bronze Age skeleton was discovered in West Sussex 25 years ago clutching a dagger in his right hand. Unfortunately, due to the lack of resources...

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