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The Minerva Head

The Roman Baths in Somerset is one of the finest historic sites in Northern Europe and attracts around one million visitors every year and recently completed the first phase of a multi-million pound redevelopment.

The Minerva head is probably from the cult statue of the goddess which would have stood within her Temple beside the Sacred Spring. From there she may have looked out across the...

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Manchester Central Library

This innovative project is designed to encourage the use of archive collections through an engaging introductory exhibition. The ambition was to use digital interpretation and innovation to make the stories in the collections more accessible to visitors and new audiences to Manchester Central Library.

In the first of its kind in a library setting, this project encourages interaction with the collections by...

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ClickNetherfield is a knowledge leader in the museum showcase space and by listening to our customers we are finding some exciting new solutions to our clients' unresolved challenges.

Our Engineering & Innovation team is made up of our best design, development and manufacturing engineers, as well as scientists and IT experts. As a company we have a reputation for saying 'yes' to the most technically challenging and difficult showcases, and we are now committed to solving the most complicated problems that the museum showcase community face every day. We are currently looking at the elimination of sucker marking and inhibition of haze formation.

Hazing is a massive, not to mention expensive, problem in museums and galleries all over the world and its effects are intrusive and obvious. There are many causes of glass hazing and we know that the museum community is left feeling discouraged when their once striking display cases appear perpetually grimy, and despite huge effort, nothing seems to make it better. We believe that it is probably damage to the glass surface before it even reaches the gallery that causes this contrast and...

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