Busman’s holiday


What do you do in the long winter break, if you are working in Museums all year, probably stay away. That is unless your wife suggests a day at the V&A “just the two of us”

Victoria and Albert Museum

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Travel Woes (highs and lows)


Imagine that you get a taxi for a 20 minute trip to the airport, it takes 40, you check in ask if the plane is on time, receive a yes. You go through the security, sit in the lounge for 2 hours, the first announcement is then made, not ready for boarding not last call but flight cancelled! “if you are going to London please go to Gate A55″ 40 minutes and 2 security checkpoints away.

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Royal Warrant Granted to ClickNetherfield


We were notified today that the Royal Warrant Office on behalf of her Majesty the Queen has granted us a warrant as Display Case Suppliers to her for a period of 5 years.

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New Brochure Showcasing Your Vision


The new brochure was published this month to incorporates a number of our project solutions, The Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Leeds City museum as well as a host of other projects both in the the UK and across the world. The brochure incorporates our bespoke solutions as well as our showcase design guide, which we modestly hope will prove a good reference tool for all of our clients.

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