A Celebrity Showcase Debuts in Shanghai


A Celebrity Showcase Debuts in Shanghai

I have travelled the world and visited more than 500 museums but have never witnessed one of our cases being mobbed in quite the way I did yesterday. The picture shows a 36 Metre Long 3.9metre high case in the French Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo in China.

On Loan from the Orsay Museum, seven masterpieces of French art are displayed in the case: the Angelus by Millet, the Balcon by Manet, La sale de danse à Arles by Van Gogh, la Femme à la cafetière by Cézanne, la Loge de Bonnard, Said Le Repas by Gauguin and the Age of Bronze by Rodin.

It is the first time that these masterpieces have been loaned to China and the first time they have been displayed together outside France.

John French

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