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We have recently gained an interesting new client in BioArtist Charlotte Jarvis, who has enlisted our help on a couple of her most recent projects.

Last year she was the artist in residence at The Netherlands Proteomics Centre, during which time she created the project “Blighted by Kenning” in which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was encoded into DNA and used to ‘contaminate’ apples – a realisation of ‘forbidden fruit’.  For this project we supplied a small, airtight, LED-lit glass box which was used to contain an apple and was suspended from a tree.  The piece was exhibited at The Big Shed in the UK and later moved on to Amsterdam and The Hague.

Our case being used in Charlotte's 'Blighted by Kenning' project

Our case being used in Charlotte's "Blighted by Kenning" project

More recently Charlotte has been working on a project called “Ergo Sum”, in which she has donated parts of her body to stem cell research.  We have been asked to supply an incubator-type environment for the cells to develop in with a controlled CO2 level and body temperature; all presented in an “altarpiece” style showcase with all the inner workings on show as part of the art itself.

By presenting herself as an advocate of stem cell research Charlotte seeks to actively engage the discussion surrounding this field and to demystifying the processes, aims and outcomes of this widely misunderstood technology.  Ergo Sum recently received the Designers and Artist’s for Genomics Award and will be exhibited at Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands from June to October 2013.

For more information on these projects and some of Charlotte’s other work, visit her website at

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