Beware of Overzealous Cleaners!


I had a chuckle to myself when I read a story on BBC News about a museum cleaner in Germany who tried to scrub away a deliberate patina on an art installation, badly damaging the $1m work.  The patina was apparently meant to look like a puddle beneath a rubber trough placed under a stacked tower of wooden slats.

The piece of art, called ‘When It Starts Dripping From the Ceiling’ and by Martin Kippenberger, remains on display in Dortmond’s Ostwall Museum, where the damage occured. ┬áThe work is just on loan to the museum, but the private collector who owns the installation by Kippenbgerger – who died in 1997 – has agreed that it remain on display despite the incident.

Needless to say – had the art been protected inside a showcase, the incident would never have occurred!

Read the story in full here:

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