Busman’s holiday


What do you do in the long winter break, if you are working in Museums all year, probably stay away. That is unless your wife suggests a day at the V&A “just the two of us”

Victoria and Albert Museum

It is the 30th December and I find myself in a tour of the V&A keen to visit the galleries we have recently worked on but just as keen to see what everyone else has been doing. My first impressions were if you want a quiet contemplation of a great collection, either go elsewhere, or most likely go outside the holiday period, the reception area was busy with a long line for a map!

Past the efficient cloakroom, the galleries await, I have to say the scope of the “future plan” in extraordinary in its vision, I had not, until today, realised just how much has changed and is being changed.

The new jewellery galleries were very nice (too hot) and the ceramics gallery was an oasis of peace and quiet (partly due to the confusing layout) other highlights were the sacred silver and stained glass and the exquisite silver gallery.

A great place, to keep out of the London winter.

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