China Update


I am now in Qatar on the way back from China  where I visited Beijing, Changsha, Hong Kong, Chengdu and Xian in a 10 day trip.  The regional differences in China Рfrom accents to food Рalways amaze me.

In Xian we visited the China Garden complex an amazing complex of ornamental garden containing ancient mill stones and hundreds of Bonsai trees, ponds and water falls, a huge varity of Koi carp in large ponds a great experience after the smog of Beijing. I met Bryan Wang in Xian who helped with our Chinese companies brochure whilst he was studying in the UK earlier this year.

The GM of Zhongxin our production partners in China, brought his son, He Heaven to share dinner with us Chengdu. We have a number of new staff in our expanding company there, Peter Taylorson, Jean Chang, who have joined in the last two months.

A good if exhausting trip in which we have won

You Man looking mean in Chengdu

Young Man looking mean with a smile in Chengdu

new projects in Beijing (2no), Xingjang and Nanjing, thanks to the hard work of Jenny Ciu, Ma Yi and Mr He Yanfang the Manager of Chengdu Click as well as the whole team in China.

John French

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