I’m sure you’ll all be aware of the demonstrations that have ensued in Egypt’s capital city recently.  For the past couple of weeks, Cairo has been the subject of much media focus on the situation in and around Egypt.

ClickNetherfield is currently manufacturing and shipping product for a project in Cairo for a new Children’s Museum.  Although we obviously cannot control any events in Cairo, we’ve decided to continue to meet our obligations to complete the manufacture and shipping of the product in order that we can still meet our project commitments when the current situation is resolved.

Our Managing Director, Jim Stewart, was in Cairo just a week before the problems began, our business has many friends and contacts in Egypt and our many visits over the years has endeared the country and it’s culture to our business. Jim is astounded at how rapidly the situation has escalated, and was particularly distressed to read about some quite considerable damage to the Egyptian Museum caused by looters.

You can see some pictures of the damage here.

Here at ClickNetherfield, we cannot stress enough the importance of investing in good quality showcases which offer optimum security to precious artefacts.  The situation in Egypt is thankfully quite rare, but it should serve as a reminder to museums worldwide that they must always be prepared for the unexpected, and unfortunately the unsavoury.  To read more about ClickNetherfield’s cutting edge security systems, please click here.

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