Now That’s Good Customer Service!!


We were recently installing 3 of our Radian cases at the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki.

When the Technicians were assembling the cases on site, they noticed that the diffuser panels were bowing slightly and needed structural stiffeners applied.  At the time when this discovery was made, no feasible courier options were open to us.  So to ensure the installation was complete in time for the opening of our client’s exhibition, we designed and cut the metal stiffeners here in Livingston, sourced the necessary structural adhesive, and put a technician on a flight to Finland the same day.

He arrived late that night and the parts were fitted and signed off the next day to allow the client’s exhibition to go ahead as planned.  Needless to say, our client was delighted!

It’s excellent service like this that differentiates us from our competitors – at ClickNetherfield we go that extra mile; even if it means a less than delighted MD when he is handed the bill at the end of it…. ;)


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