Palace Museum in the Forbidden City Beijing


I had the pleasure of visiting the new galleries created at the Palace Museum Beijing in a Garden at the Back of the main area of the Forbidden City, it has been re-created using authentic ancient methods: that is no modern contraction methods plant or machinery.

Palace Museum

In the two galleries we worked on Danyuanlou Tangka Display Cases and the new sculpture gallery.

The results are stunning with the Low Reflective Glass in the Tangka Gallery being particularly effective, this was a great example of the UK and China working together with the frame works being produced in the UK, the glass coming from Schott in Shanghai and all the other parts being made in Chengdu.

The work was Project Managed by David Nicholson and supervised on site by Dom Foley. It was a pleasure to work with the local Architect Gerald Szeto of MotatelierSzeto and the Client Happy Harun of the China Heritage Fund and her able assistant Chang Li.

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