The heat is on!


Project Manager David Nicholson and myself visited our ongoing installation at Museum of Israel in Jerusalem in early April to check on progress and meet with the client to resolve some last minute design details on the final batch of cases currently being manufactured.

ClickNetherfield are providing all of the display cases for the Jewish Art & Life Galleries in this multi million dollar refurbishment of the museum with our contract value around $2.3m for 200+ display cases.

This has been a fast track project for such a big size, with detail design and prototyping taking place from August 09 to December 09 with manufacture, shipping and install all to be completed by 31st May 2010.

Our site team of Bob Hunter, Michael Macintosh, Jimmy Sinclair, Ritchie Grant and Andy Russell are all flat out busy to ensure we remain on target for the completion date. Overall, it’s a hugely busy construction site with over 400 workers beavering away to try and meet the opening date targeted for July 2010.

The curators for Jewish Art & Life, Daisy and Tania have been actively involved in every step of the detailed design process along with local designer Chanan and it’s easy to see the pride and enthusiasm they have for their project.

Museum Director James Snyder and Deputy Director Dor Lin were quick to compliment us on the efforts of the ClickNetherfield site team, whilst equally quick at reinforcing the need for meeting the deadline for an up coming sponsors walk around on May 7th.

BA flight schedules to Tel Aviv border on torturous! With the flight out being overnight arriving at 5.15am and the flight back departing at 8.00am, David and I  had a 3.45am departure from their hotel before being taking on a mini guided tour of Israel by a taxi driver who actually didn’t know the way to the airport and if truth be told, wouldn’t have looked out of place in a nursing home for the elderly and infirm.

Oh the glamour!

Jim Stewart

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