Travel Woes (highs and lows)


Imagine that you get a taxi for a 20 minute trip to the airport, it takes 40, you check in ask if the plane is on time, receive a yes. You go through the security, sit in the lounge for 2 hours, the first announcement is then made, not ready for boarding not last call but flight cancelled! “if you are going to London please go to gate A55″ 40 minutes and 2 security checkpoints away.

You arrive at A55 and wait until 75 minutes after departure time get on a 30 minutes bus ride, then get to the plane, the fork lift had broken meaning they can’t load the bags, then they have to de-ice the wing, then wait for a taxi slot to the runway.

I don’t need to imagine it all happened yesterday from door to door in 10 hours.

The high finally getting home!

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