Volcano disrupts Business- staff stranded


Since the beginning of the financial crisis, I haven’t given much thought to Iceland,  all Polar bears and Ice! Or so I thought.  On arriving back from Egypt on 11.30am Thursday the pilot announced that in 30 minutes all UK airspace would be closed!  Volcanic eruption in Iceland, my first thought was oh that was lucky just in by 30 minutes!

I then thought about one of our project mangers Robert Swan who was due back to Heathrow from Shanghai, after the completion of three projects at the Shanghai Expo if he had landed in London he would be stuck. I rang HQ and Julie; Office Manager advised that Robert had not left Shanghai.

Then I started to look at the internet and realised that we had Clive McCready and Manon Delaury in Poland they were hosting seminars in Warsaw and Gdansk, an SMS from Manon confirmed the problem no flights from Gdansk to the UK on Thursday!

The UK authorities have advised today (Saturday) that no flights will be possible until this evening, I just got am SMS from Clive to say that they have a seat (2) on Eurostar from Lille on Monday now it is just the logistics of the 1000 miles to Lille from Gdansk!

Last post from Shanghai Robert is in an airport hotel waiting for Virgin Atlantic to fly, but he went there on Thursday.

Keep watching for updates of our team across the world.

John French

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