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ClickNetherfield Sponsor Narrative Space @ Leicester University


Leicester University held their Narrative Space Conference between the 19th and 22nd of April with some of the great and good of the academic and non academic world coming together in this fascinating conference.

Regrettably, the Icelandic volcano eruption meant that not just as many of the international speakers were able to make it to the conference as had been planned, but a flurry of last minute reorganisation by Suzanne Macleod and her team of magic makers ensured that as many as possible of those who couldn’t be there had the opportunity to deliver their seminars through the wonders of live technology.

However, notwithstanding the travel difficulties and the obvious disruption that caused, Suzanne was delighted to be able to introduce Lee Skolnick with the legendary introduction of “Live From New York” which lightened the mood considerably.

Peter Greenaway, the conference keynote speaker was one of those denied participation by the lack of flights to UK air space and great credit goes to Peter Higgins of Land Design for standing in at the last moment with an interesting talk and presentation.

The Museum Studies Department at Leicester University recently opened their brand new purpose finished building and ClickNetherfield’s involvement in providing custom made display cases to be used by the students during their studies led to us supporting the Narrative Space conference as joint sponsors with Haley Sharpe Design.

ClickNetherfield’s Technical Director Mike Chaplin presented a fascinating session exploring “Narrative Cases” and offered new opportunities for our case products to be considered as a narrative space with which to further engage the museum visitor rather than a glass barrier between the visitor and the displays.

Expanding on his theme, Mike gave details of our new e vitrine concept due to be unveiled at The Museum & Heritage Show in May 2010.

Clive McCready of our TESS Demountable division participated in a chaired panel discussion on sustainability, this being a subject that is particularly close to Clive’s heart and reflects the direction in which he is moving TESS.

All in all, this was an extremely successful conference despite the best efforts of Mother Nature and ClickNetherfield were delighted to be able to support the event.

Jim Stewart

Museum Studies Department, Leicester University

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