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We have been involved in several projects for the V&A:

The Ceramics Gallery

This gallery opened in December 2008, and was designed to split into display and work areas for the new pottery and ceramics workshop. There are a variety of cases and case-fronts as well as large-scale glass installations and door systems. The project was challenging not only due to the design but also the location of the gallery. We had to crane in the glass up and over the top of the building, which left a lot of people holding their breath!


The final gallery works well within the space and the desired overall effect was achieved, as well as giving the V&A a new pottery and ceramics working and teaching space.


Theatre & Performance

The Theatre & Performance cases house large-scale replicas of theatres and other associated theatrical items. The Vista design works well to allow all aspects of the objects inside to be viewed.


Buddhist Sculpture Gallery

The Buddhist Sculpture Gallery houses intricate objects. The cases are designed to give the maximum viewing area to the public but also incorporate bespoke design features.

Incorporating the use of Corian to the bases and internal panels, as well as stainless steel bespoke fittings, the cases are in keeping with the open feeling of the gallery.

The gallery contains a mixture of small cases housing statues or smaller objects, Corian plinths which showcase the stone sculptures and one large case which has a prayer shrine displayed inside; this case was the most challenging due to the extremely large glass panels used.

Sackler Centre

These two cases are located at the reception / canteen area at the Sackler Centre within the V&A.

The large Vista cases, with their internal shelving and plinths, allow a variety of display options.  The cases are currently displaying silverware.


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