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International Slavery Museum in Liverpool


For the opening of the new International Slavery Museum in Liverpool in August 2007, ClickNetherfield completed a technically demanding five-month project involving the development of a variety of case models. Located in Liverpool’s Albert Dock, at the centre of a World Heritage site, close to the dry Docks where 18th century slave trading ships were repaired, the new International Slavery Museum pays tribute to the millions of Africans who were forced into slavery and highlights both the historical and contemporary aspects of this deplorable human phenomenon.

The refurbishment of the museum, which opened on the date of the bicentenary of the abolition of the British slave trade, ClickNetherfield has created and installed Inca, Prism, Mono and Access showcases within the galleries of the museum. This project incorporates the successful development of custom built, shaped cases, with an important focus on conservation and protection of the precious artefacts.

Concealed within the cases, active climate control and integrated passive humidity control systems have been carefully installed to ensure the integrity of the display chamber. Attention has been paid to the visibility of the artefacts, by the use of Amiran® low reflective glass: for an optimal collection display.

This project was particularly challenging for our team, which utilised its expertise to develop custom cases and design and install hundreds of fibre optic tails. The work, achieved in close cooperation with Redman Design Associates and the contractors, has resulted in a remarkable Gallery, where objects are featured in very diverse types of cases, a number of which stand out with their LCD screens designed and built into the case structure.

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