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Debut of New Fashion Galleries at Lotherton Hall House and Country Estate


A series of striking new fashion galleries look set to add to Lotherton Hall’s already magnificent visitor appeal, thanks to a new fleet of Evolution-2 Modular showcases from TESS Demountable ( a division of ClickNetherfield specialising in high quality display cases for temporary and touring exhibitions).
With three quarters of a million visitors each year, Lotherton [...]

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Delivering Your Vision


At ClickNetherfield part of our ethos is to be in full control of every aspect of our showcase production within the most advanced showcase production facility in the world.
So when customers in Washington and Singapore specified a spray painted finish for dress panels within their cases, we decided it was time to invest in a [...]

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New Airflow Circulating System enables Faster Response To Fluctuations In Humidity


Traditional display cases constructed with wood can provide an excellent buffering effect for humidity variations within showcases, however, the negative effects of wood are well documented, so modern cases strive to have a completely inert interior.
Whilst a modern well sealed case buffers external humidity variations, the relationship between humidity and temperature means that external [...]

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