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Looking for ultra-high security? Look no further…


At ClickNetherfield, technical innovation is at the heart of what we do and we are revolutionising high security showcase design and what’s more, it looks phenomenal.
High security showcases of the past haven’t always been the most aesthetically pleasing, partly due to the heavy steel framework that is integral to its overall security. Continuing their brilliant [...]

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Our best-selling demountable showcase for touring exhibitions


Evolution is TESS Demountable’s family of case modules which can be quickly and easily joined together to create larger showcases, while maintaining the security and sealing expected from a permanent showcase installation. You can assemble Evolution modules in an almost endless variety of configurations.
Our Evolution-2 offers faultless aesthetics, with face-bonded glass and seamlessly concealed locking. [...]

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Our responsibility to protect, preserve and present the ‘Hidden Treasures of Art’


With the most renowned collection of ancient Chinese paintings, Liu Haisu Art Museum is the first municipal museum named after an artist in China. As a preeminent artist in Shanghai, Liu Haisu pioneered both the fine arts movement and modern art education in China. In his later years, Liu Haisu donated all his significant creations [...]

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