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A Great Year for TESS


TESS Demountable is a division of ClickNetherfield Ltd specialising in museum showcases which are designed specifically to suit the needs of temporary and touring exhibitions. The demountable cases offer many of the same security, conservation, lighting and design features of the CNL world-class permanent showcase systems.

The last 12 months have been very strong for TESS Demountable, resulting in the most cases ever sold for the division. We also passed the tremendous milestone of 1000 tons of carbon off-set by working closely with our carbon off-set partners, Carbon Footprint Ltd.

A number of recent projects have been overseas and include the Royal Ontario Museum and the Auckland War Memorial Museum, with the Royal Ontario Museum benefiting from our new and elegant Inca 6 Demountable showcase.

New Products

We have recently launched our new TESS Evolution 2 case. Demountable and modular as before, but featuring sleek, surface-bonded glass panel technology and improved conservation properties; as well as options for LED lighting, concealed locks, a slimmer top profile, concealed power conduit, improved shelving system, and much more. As with our existing Evolution, the case allows the end-user to assemble, dismantle and move the cases themselves without expert assistance.

In addition to this, we have also introduced Evolution 2’s chic big sister, Inca 6 Demountable. These cases are made to measure (rather than modular) to suit your specific requirements, and therefore can be produced to any size and even in multi-bay format. And crucially for wider cases, Inca 6 Demountable has options for pull and slide doors, as opposed to a hinged-only opening.  The case features a large light hood for more lighting and light source option; and there is no limit on colour, finish and glass type.

TESS newsletter

Clive McCready, general manager for TESS said, “The last year has been very successful for TESS as we continue to develop and improve both our products and our customer base. We are particularly proud of our carbon off-set programme with our unique-tree-planting scheme steadily adding to the lungs of the world and maintaining our ethos of sustainability. We are looking forward to the future as we endeavour to target more overseas markets.”

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