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In a bid to reduce our overall energy consumption, ClickNetherfield have recently employed the use of specialised new energy monitoring software.

METERology (  is an engineered solution for monitoring all your energy meters through a simple to use web application which can be accessed from anywhere within your organisation.

Here at ClickNetherfield, we wanted to reduce our energy consumption for several reasons.  Being sustainable and energy efficient gives us a competitive edge with our customers who are increasingly focussed on these issues as part of their supplier assessments.  Aiming to reduce our energy consumption goes hand in hand with making processes more efficient, therefore saving us money.  And finally, as a company we quite simply care about the impact of what we do on the environment.

METERology allows us to see exactly what energy we are using and when we are using it.  The displays are clear and easy to understand, the response of the system is fast and having the data available in real time means that we can easily relate our energy consumption to what is happening in the factory.

Taking advantage of this revolutionary software has been a cost effective solution that has been well worth the investment.


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