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Egypt Update


Our installers have recently returned from the site of the brand new Children’s Museum in Cairo, Egypt, having installed a total of 21 showcases (6 Monos, 2 Prisms, and 13 Vistas). Whilst our part of the project is complete, the museum still has some other work to complete before it can officially open its doors to the public.

The impressive 3-storey building was designed by UK-based Mallinson Architects, and comprises 13 permanent exhibits.  It is expected to be one of Cairo’s top cultural attractions.

The museum will provide interactive learning around 4 themes:

  • Where am I from? (History)
  • Who am I? (Ethnography)
  • Where am I going? (Geography)
  • How can I make a difference? (Science)

Originally intended to be named The Suzanne Mubarak Children’s Museum, it is believed a new name will now be conveyed upon the museum following the people’s revolution in January this year.

Sadly, Egypt’s economy is still suffering terribly due to the drop in tourism following the demonstrations.  We’ve been to Cairo several times now since the revolution without any sign of trouble or unrest and we sincerely hope that people will soon start returning to what is a beautiful and vibrant country, in order to help allow things to get back to normality for the Egyptian people.


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