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Our best-selling demountable showcase for touring exhibitions


Evolution is TESS Demountable’s family of case modules which can be quickly and easily joined together to create larger showcases, while maintaining the security and sealing expected from a permanent showcase installation. You can assemble Evolution modules in an almost endless variety of configurations.

Our Evolution-2 offers faultless aesthetics, with face-bonded glass and seamlessly concealed locking. An inset kicker plinth also gives the illusion that the case is floating off the floor. These visual features, alongside improved performance with 0.1 AER, flexible lighting options and fully concealed power transfer conduit, all make our TESS Evolution-2 one of our most popular demountable solutions yet.

Southend Museums Service recently secured funding for new TESS Demountable showcases. The new showcases are currently being used for their new exhibition – ‘BIBA: The Fashion, The Lifestyle, The Brand’ that displays clothing, make-up, food products, home wares and advertising material from the 1960s and 70s brand Biba. The stylish finish of their TESS Evolution-2 showcases works well with the nature of the exhibition and the overall visual effect the client wanted to create, while the high spec conservation grade standards of the cases ensures that the objects and collections are in the perfect conditions to be enjoyed safely and securely.

“The flexible shelf heights and the minimal fittings within the large showcases, allowed us to highlight even the smallest items of makeup, whilst the solid base acted as the perfect plinth for larger more robust objects. Working with TESS has been a great experience, they were focused on our requirements throughout the whole project, doing the most they could to ensure we were happy with the installation, the cases and the aftercare. The technicians, who built and installed the showcases on site, were extremely knowledgeable and helpful ensuring everything was completed to the highest standard. We would love to work with the company again in future, and we would highly recommend these showcases to other museums. Their simplicity, flexibility and extremely high grade render them excellent for museum practice and needs.”

Ciara Phipps – Social History Curator

TESS evo

The possibilities for our TESS Demountable Evolution-2 are endless, so contact us today if you would like more information from one of our team or a brochure sent out.

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