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Our Fibre Optic Head Just Got Better


The ClickNetherfield fibre optic head was originally developed 17 years ago, specifically to meet the requirements of museum showcases.  In particular, it is one of the few heads that is adjustable and well-sealed enough to be used on cases requiring the tightest air exchange rates.

Our in-house design engineers have recently redesigned the head, making it one of the most current and cutting edge fibre optic light heads designed for museum use on the market.  It now comes with a discrete 12mm lens with a snoot to reduce glare, whilst also still being available with a 25mm lens to match previous fittings.

The fitting now also has a locking feature to eradicate movement, and whilst this new version has been designed to take a threaded ferule (which we recommend), it will still also accept a push fit ferrule, as did the original.  Also, the new improved head can be mounted in thicker panels rather than just a metal sheet.

The head will generally be available in black, grey and white; however we are able to offer RAL colour matching on batches of 500 heads or more.

Product data sheets for our full range of fibre optic, LED and other lighting solutions are now available.  To obtain these, please contact


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