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Our responsibility to protect, preserve and present the ‘Hidden Treasures of Art’


With the most renowned collection of ancient Chinese paintings, Liu Haisu Art Museum is the first municipal museum named after an artist in China. As a preeminent artist in Shanghai, Liu Haisu pioneered both the fine arts movement and modern art education in China. In his later years, Liu Haisu donated all his significant creations and valuable collections of paintings and calligraphy works to Shanghai City. The Liu Haisu Art Museum was then established based on Liu Haisu’s generous donations.

The Liu Haisu Art Museum features 6 galleries, covering 4329 m² of the museum floor space. The museum is an institution integrating various functions such as art exhibitions, academic research, and education. Since its opening nearly a year ago, the Liu Haisu Art Museum has been attracting art lovers by holding versatile exhibitions, art workshops, and forums. The museum has become a new cultural landmark of Shanghai, ranked as the most beautiful art museum in Puxi area by Shanghai citizens.

On the 18th August 2016, the new establishment of Liu Haisu Art Museum was unveiled with ‘Rewriting Liu Haisu’, a grand exhibition organized by the curatorial team. The exhibition is divided into six elements: ‘Moving Toward Post-Impressionism’, ‘Establishment of Education Tours in Europe’, ‘Enlightening a New Era in China’, ‘Illustration of Xi Hu’, ‘Studio: Going with the Flow’, ‘Hidden Treasures of Art’. It has more than 100 pieces and artifacts displayed with aids of multi-media to elaborate the artist’s splendid life in diverse perspectives.

ClickNetherfield designed and installed showcases for the sixth gallery, ‘Hidden Treasures of Art’. Extracted from the calligraphy of Liu Haisu’s self-portrait works at age 93, ‘Hidden Treasures of Art’ subtly refers to the precious collections of ancient paintings throughout his life. These valuable collections of Chinese ancient paintings are perfectly presented, preserved and protected by the new custom designed display showcases. Utilizing low reflective glass, the showcases eliminate the barrier between the artifacts and the visitors. With micro climate control units ensuring safe and stable humidity levels and LED lighting free of heat and ultraviolet light, ClickNetherfield’s display cases ensure the preservation of collections made of delicate silk papers. With a well-balanced combination of wash light and spotlights, visitors are granted moments to appreciate the details of the collections and to be immersed in the world of art.

Derek Jian Ping Fan, director of Parman Design Co., commented -

“ClickNetherfield take a strong stance on supplying quality display cases and customized services in China. The large custom showcases are specially designed and manufactured exclusively for the Liu Haisu Art Museum, providing a perfect solution for exhibiting large, culturally significant and beautiful ancient Chinese paintings. ClickNetherfield delivered a world class one-stop service from initial project investigation, development and manufacturing, to installation and final testing, which has won well-deserved credit from the museum.”

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