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Prototype – Prototype – Prototype


How does one of the world’s leading showcase manufacturers make sure that when they build a bespoke showcase that everything works as well as if it was a tried and tested system showcase?
We build a prototype, test it, assess it with the client team and if necessary, we do it all again. This ensures that the final cases are as well sealed and as secure as anything previously built.
We’ve recently built and tested 4 important prototypes for 4 very important projects that we are currently working on.
For The Museum of Liverpool, we built 2 prototypes of a brand new reconfigurable permanent case system and a client team visited The Glassworks to view, dismantle and reassemble the cases. A few little tweaks were introduced for the final design and the bulk manufacture is now underway.



For The Royal Museum of Scotland, We have again built a working prototype, this time for a newly designed double action hinge system that’s designed to work specifically with glass topped cases with hinged doors. After 6 different tweaks and reworks (we never stop until we’re fully happy with it) the cases and hinges are now in bulk manufacture for this major revamp at The Royal Museum of Scotland.


For the Utah Museum of Natural History, This project again calls for completely bespoke display cases, this time all in steel, all with specialised steel interiors and all to a bespoke design for Ralph Appelbaum (New York). Over a period of weeks, we designed, procured and built a full size working prototype case in our factory in Livingston. Once we were fully happy with the results, we shipped the entire case to the workshops of our North American distributor Maltbie and re built the case in their factory for the client team to inspect. The prototype was well received and all final details are now approved with the cases scheduled for bulk manufacture early in 2011.


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