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Royal Pump House


The People’s History Museum, based at the Pump House on Bridge Street in Manchester, will unveil early 2010 its brand new galleries. The new museum will take its visitors through a journey through time and places, and enable them to experience the history of working people in Britain in new exciting ways. For this challenging project, we have completed 50 bespoke display cases, in close cooperation with Headland Design, the museum designers.

The People’s History Museum is the national centre for the collection, conservation, interpretation and study of material relating to the history of working people in Britain. The museum was known as both the National Museum of Labour History and the Pump House People’s History Museum. It became the People’s History Museum in 2001.

Closed since 2007 years for a complete redevelopment, the Museum will open its brand new galleries at the beginning of 2010, exploring the world changing events led by the working people of Britain in new exciting ways. Housed in the heart of Manchester, the new Museum will be the first public building in Britain to be built with an extraordinary Corten metal shell and the only national museum in the city. In its 1384 squares metres of exhibitions space, it will display a large collection of almost 1500 historic objects, including banners, 18th and 19th century political cartoons, political posters and political tokens and medals. The collection is housed in bespoke ClickNetherfield cases, completed by our teams in close cooperation with the museum and the exhibition designers. A dedicated community gallery will be open to individuals and groups to mount their own exhibitions, and the visitors will have the unique opportunity to discover the preservation of banners in the museum’s new Conservation Studio.

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