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The future of High-Security Showcases


High value exhibits often create a big attraction for visitors, but occasionally this can warrant some unwelcome attention too.  If you need to manage this risk, VAULT is one of the best options available. 

VAULT will be the first high security showcase in the United Kingdom to receive such a high security rating and as a result, nothing can beat the added reassurance you feel when your valuable exhibits are completely protected.

Beautifully made and elegant in style; VAULT discretely conceals the innovative engineering solutions that work together to deliver the high security solutions you need.

But it gets even better…

Not only has VAULT achieved incredible security ratings, but it is inherently well sealed and achieves a high environmental control that offers an air exchange rate (AER) of up to 0.01.  This is 10 times better than the industry standard!

One of the first to invest in VAULT was the Palace Green Library in Durham who required VAULT for the opening of the Durham Light Infantry Gallery in 2017.  This display includes many priceless artefacts that celebrate the history of the regiment including rare uniforms, equipment, weaponry, photographs and battlefield relics.  Given the historical value of the collection, our client wanted a solution that combined high security with excellent environmental performance and VAULT was the ideal solution.

We were honoured to be part of this project with a client who was very pleased with VAULT as the solution to their high-value exhibition needs.  We believe the results speak for themselves…

VAULT Durham Light Infantry 1

VAULT Durham Light Infantry 3

VAULT Durham Light Infantry 1

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