Our Storage Ranges

We group out storage solutions into named and design ranges. Explore them all here.

  • clarity store and safety store storage title

    Our Clarity Store and Safe Store storage solutions provide a notably sturdy, safe and secure cabinet in a range of dimensions perfect for your back-of-house storage.

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    clarity and safe storage
  • specimen storage title

    Our Specimen Cabinets are derivatives of our Safe Store cabinets, with the same sturdy construction and sealing characteristics; perfect for back-of-house storage of specimen collections.

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    Specimen cabinets storage
  • motion storage title

    Motion Store is an impressive high density storage system which dramatically reduces the floor space used by standard units, ensuring that space is used most effectively to store your collection.

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    motion store storage
  • plan chests storage title

    Our traditional Plan Chests are designed and manufactured to the same high quality standards as the rest of our Heritage Storage Collection range and are available in a variety of different sizes, drawer combinations, and colours.

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    plan chests storage
  • access storage title

    The Access Storage range delivers a stylish product to house any collection providing high density storage; ensuring objects are stored safely while not on display.

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    Access storage
  • access showcase title

    Access drawer units allow high density display and secure storage whilst providing visitor interaction within galleries.

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    access showcase
  • Environmental storage title

    Our in-depth, technical knowledge of materials and environmental control systems developed over 35 years to work in conjunction with our award winning showcase systems has been applied to our storage collection – that’s what makes the difference between the rest and the best.

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    environmental control storage systems

Radian design

A world of opportunities.

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Showcase wizard

Unsure which type of showcase is right for your exhibit? Our showcase wizard can assist you.

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The tallest of orders

Walk into the Hunterian Museum and be amazed at spectacular showcases extending over two floors.

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Museum of Islamic Art, Doha

We worked with I M Pei and Jean-Michel Wilmotte to showcase the art and culture of Islam.

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