Access Storage

  • our access showcase in a museum display
  • black and white design of access storage

The Access Storage range delivers a stylish product to house any collection providing high density storage; ensuring objects are stored safely while not on display.

With a number of drawer sizes available, as well as custom solutions, the drawers glide in and out effortlessly, allowing easy access and the practical labelling of drawers for quick visual retrieval.

Manufactured to the highest quality with a fully welded external casing, Access Storage uses 1.2 gauge steel for long lasting strength and rigidity.

Protecting Your Exhibits

Safe storage for precious objects


The Access Storage range is constructed from completely inert materials ensuring no damage or degradation is caused to stored items by unwanted off-gassing.

The individual drawers can be lined with suitable materials to help protect and preserve the most fragile of stored items. Each unit is finished to a high standard using oven baked epoxy powder coat paint, which is both hard wearing and free from chemical emissions.


Drawers may also be individually locked – when this option is included a secondary (steel) security sheet is incorporated between the upper drawers to prevent unwanted access to lower drawers.

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