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Our in-depth, technical knowledge of materials and environmental control systems developed over 35 years to work in conjunction with our award winning showcase systems has been applied to our storage collection – that’s what makes the difference between the rest and the best.

From inert materials to low oxygen environments, conservation is at the heart of our designs. ClickNetherfield don’t just know about showcases and storage systems, we know about conservation and environmental control too.

A Stable Environment

Our storage solutions work hard. As well as keeping your collections secure and protecting them from physical damage, by using inert materials and sophisticated sealing techniques, they provide a safe environment that can be controlled to keep collections in near perfect condition.

Here’s how we do it:

Sealed Environment

A well sealed environment is recognised as the best way to protect collections in storage; this characteristic of a storage unit can be defined and quantified by its Air Exchange Rate (AER).

An AER of 0.1 is now regularly included within performance specifications for high-end museum display cases, but ClickNetherfield have now applied this level of specification to elements of our storage range.

Our industry-leading AER performance relies on our expertise in three key areas:

Design – Using 3D CAD systems, we design our units to be inherently well sealed, utilising many years of experience.

Manufacture – our sophisticated machinery and knowledge of production methods ensures that we can manufacture and assemble to the tightest tolerances.

Installation – our experienced technicians use non-invasive test methods on-site to ensure the integrity of their work.

Prism design

Clarity of vision.

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