Motion Store

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Motion Store is an impressive high density storage system which dramatically reduces the floor space used by standard units, ensuring that space is used most effectively to store your collection.

Motion Store is custom built specifically for your needs and floor space capabilities. This storage solution is built on top of the floor, offering the option for it to be dismantled and relocated easily.

The Motion Store solution offers flexibility as not only does it save space but it can be fitted with shelves, drawers, hanging rails or picture racking, providing easy access and labelling as well as minimising crushing and overcrowding.

Protecting Your Exhibits

Safe storage for precious objects


The Motion Store range is constructed from completely inert materials ensuring no damage or degradation is caused to stored items by unwanted off-gassing.


Each mobile unit can be locked by means of a simple key lock which is fitted within the hand wheel unit. Bays can be locked individually to prevent access to the system.


Motion Store is a high density storage system and often contains large amounts of heavy items; the engineering and calculations that make up the design parameters ensure that the system is fully compliant with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Manual Handing Regulations and Disability Discriminations Act (DDA).

Access Storage

Storage accessible when you need it.

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