Plan Chests

  • our plan showcase in a museum display
  • black and white design of plan storage

Our traditional Plan Chests are designed and manufactured to the same high quality standards as the rest of our Heritage Storage Collection range and are available in a variety of different sizes, drawer combinations, and colours.

These units offer safe and secure management of a wide range of prints, maps and drawings which require flat storage.

Drawer heights can be mixed and matched, with a wide range of handles and indexing systems available.

Slot-in drawer dividers are also available allowing you to manage the collection space in an individual drawer.

Protecting Your Collection

Safe storage for print collections


The Plan Chest range is constructed from completely inert materials ensuring no damage or degradation is caused to stored items by unwanted off-gassing.

The individual drawers can be lined with suitable materials to help protect and preserve the most fragile of stored items. Each unit is finished to a high standard using oven baked epoxy powder coat paint, which is both hard wearing and free from chemical emissions.


Single point central locking is fitted as standard. All steel construction makes for an extremely robust unit.

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