natural-science Collections

In this section you can see all the natural-science Collections that we have showcased

  • Still life

    An opportunity to experience the vast and varied nature of life through one of the world's finest collections of taxidermied specimens.

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  • Tallest of orders

    Walk into the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons of England and be amazed at spectacular showcases extending over two floors.

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  • Old bones, new heart

    Five distinctive and characterful galleries giving visitors to sheffield a chance to explore a wide range of exhibitions, from natural sciences to local history

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  • Shining example

    The carnegie museum of natural history asked us to create safe and beautiful homes for their astonishing collection of minerals, gems and fossils.

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  • Utah's Nature Showcased

    The Natural History Museum of Utah is proud to open its new home

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  • No bones about it

    This Philip J. Currie Dinosaur museum exhibition is simply wonderful

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