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For a greener tomorrow


Compressed air is regarded as the fourth utility in a factory, and it is certainly the most expensive. As is our way we spent our money wisely and, after many years of service here and at our old factory in Dalkeith, our Bottarini compressor wheezed its last gasp.
We took the position that, with some creative [...]

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ClickNetherfield sign a New Distributor in Colombia


We are pleased to announce our new partnership with a Colombian distributor T1X1 Arquitectos. T1X1 is an architectural and design firm based in Bogotá with collaborators in Barcelona and South Africa. Their name is based on the concept of “Think Tanks” where each project is developed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals including architects, interior [...]

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Challenge accepted!


Working for the best designers and architects in the world, requires us to be the best in the world at what we do.
Our commission for the Aga Khan museum needed us to reinvent, refine and revolutionise our manufacturing processes.
We recently mitred the largest glass panels we have ever been asked to mitre. They were as [...]

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Our new storage range


We are delighted to introduce our brand new range of storage solutions for front and back-of-house.
We know there are other storage ranges available, so why would you choose ours? We looked long and hard at the competition and realised that none of the alternatives offer the high level of security or environmental performance characteristics we [...]

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Probably the World’s most accurate and precise angled edges ever!


With the installation of our new Bottero edge grinding machine, we can now produce the most accurate and precise angled edges in the UK.
With a track capacity of 150kG per 1000mm this machine can profile truly enormous sheets of laminated glass.
It has 5 super abrasive diamond impregnated grinding heads with the first two metal bond [...]

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ClickNetherfield is happy to announce a new distributor in Brazil


As the demand for ClickNetherfield showcases increases we have signed up a new distributor in Brazil.
We are pleased to announce and welcome our new distributor in Brazil, M+E Design.
Jim Stewart, our Managing Director has signed the agreement with the Director, Magui Kampf in February 2014. Magui is an expert in the industry and offers a [...]

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Mary Rose – Context Gallery


The engineering of the Context Gallery showcase system represented an enormous challenge at an unprecedented scale. It was clear from the outset that the ambitious vision of the Architects (Pringle Brandon Perkins + Will; and the rigorous environmental requirements of the Mary Rose Trust would necessitate a unique, highly bespoke and extremely specialised showcase [...]

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Investing in our future


2013 was a big year for investment at ClickNetherfield.
Punching and bevelling. Bending and shaping. Cutting and milling. Over the last year we’ve been busy upgrading the technology we use to keep our production processes at levels of quality of which we can be proud.
From a manufacturing perspective, we committed almost £250,000 in capital finance towards [...]

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Lowest Ever Air Exchange Rate Showcases


Last summer, one of the world’s greatest books, the Lindisfarne Gospels became the centrepiece of a unique exhibition in Durham University’s Palace Green Library, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The British Library loaned this national treasure on the condition that the, Lindisfarne Gospels Durham team commissioned display cases designed to the most demanding security and conservation [...]

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ClickNetherfield at the Museums Association Conference & Exhibition 2013


The Museums Association Conference & Exhibition 2013 took place at the BT Convention Centre, Liverpool on 11-12 November. It is the largest conference and exhibition for museums and heritage professionals in Europe. We attend and take part at this exhibition annually.
It was a great chance for Jim and Grant to catch up with past [...]

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