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Achieving New Levels of Conservation


We are delighted to report that the cases we are currently installing at Durham University’s Palace Green Library for their Lindisfarne Gospels Exhibition achieved a monumental AER result of 0.01 during our internal testing period – the lowest rates we have achieved to date.

We take great pride and care to ensure that our cases are as well-sealed as possible, guaranteeing the appropriate levels of conservation our clients require to protect and preserve their precious objects. When developing our products, conservation (along with quality and aesthetics) is a top priority; and we aim to ensure that this is continuously improving and never compromised.

Generally we strive to achieve an AER of at least 0.25; but can also achieve much lower when specified. Additionally, we are aiming to have rates of 0.1 or below with our new demountable and modular TESS Evolution2 case – which for a temporary exhibition case is exceptional.

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