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Compressed air is regarded as the fourth utility in a factory, and it is certainly the most expensive. As is our way we spent our money wisely and, after many years of service here and at our old factory in Dalkeith, our Bottarini compressor wheezed its last gasp.

We took the position that, with some creative thinking, this could be an opportunity to make some significant gains for the environment and for our factory team.

From an environmental perspective the new Hydrovane compressor will use 30% less energy a saving of over 10Kw, or almost 3 constantly boiling kettles an hour. Which is 4.5 Kg of CO2 per hour, every hour, and that’s a lot of CO2 a year in fact the new compressor will save the environment over 18 tons of CO2 every year.

From a business point of view the Hydrovane solution, running in a separate compressor house now located outside of the main factory, recycles 40 m² of space in the factory, which would be around £1,600 to build. It has a service interval of 100,000 hours 60% more than traditional compressors and by compressing clean, cool air outside the factory its efficiency and longevity will be positively increased.

The additional benefit to our colleagues include the noise level at 2 meters being reduced from 100 dB (the sound level of a typical hand dryer) to around 40 dB a level at which quiet conversations can be heard. The previous compressor also pumped out air at   80 °C making the immediate area uncomfortably warm in the summer; with the new compressor, the waste heat will be discharged outside in the summer but recycled and ducted into the factory to supplement our heating in the winter.


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