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2013 was a big year for investment at ClickNetherfield.

Punching and bevelling. Bending and shaping. Cutting and milling. Over the last year we’ve been busy upgrading the technology we use to keep our production processes at levels of quality of which we can be proud.

From a manufacturing perspective, we committed almost £250,000 in capital finance towards the purchase of state of the art Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) equipment.

Our new CNC metal punch is a case in point. This year it could be heard thumping away on our factory floor, consistently and efficiently turning out a fine and wide variety of sheet metal components.

Another major acquisition in 2013 was probably the most advanced glass-bevelling machine in the UK. This sophisticated machine tool can achieve phenomenal accuracy and surface finish. We have also invested significantly in our UV glass bonding equipment, and these two developments combined to deliver truly beautiful joints.

And then there’s our new CNC break press. An as-yet-unsung hero in our upgrade plan, it quietly and efficiently bends and shapes sheet metal into intricate and accurate components. The press consistently produces high quality parts and has dramatically improved our assembly process, especially where welding is needed.

Finally – for now, at least – the latest member of our world-class machine centres is a metal-cutting and British-made superstar! It’s improved our accuracy by an order of magnitude and reduced cycle times incredibly. Our old mills were taking well over an hour to machine a strengthening bar (used on pull and slide doors), whereas our new [XYZ] completed more operations in fewer than 15 minutes.

We’re growing in knowledge, too. Recently Scott, our manufacturing engineer, revisited one previously written program and reduced the number of tool changes from 18 per cycle to just three!

In 2014 our experience will enable us to put all these new tools to even greater advantage – so we can achieve our goal of right first time, on time, every time whilst remaining competitively priced for our clients.

We are proud to own the most modern and technologically advanced museum display case manufacturing plant in the world.

Come and see for yourself, we welcome all client visits.

Click Netherfield are delighted with the beautiful mitred joints that the new Bottero glass bevelling machine is delivering.

Click Netherfield are delighted with the beautiful mitred joints that the new Bottero glass bevelling machine is delivering.

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