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Lowest Ever Air Exchange Rate Showcases


Lindisfarne Gospels in its showcase

Lindisfarne Gospels in its showcase

Last summer, one of the world’s greatest books, the Lindisfarne Gospels became the centrepiece of a unique exhibition in Durham University’s Palace Green Library, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The British Library loaned this national treasure on the condition that the, Lindisfarne Gospels Durham team commissioned display cases designed to the most demanding security and conservation standards ever constructed.

High quality showcases are usually designed to achieve an air exchange rate of 0.1 per day, but the major challenge for this project was to achieve an air exchange rate of 0.01 per day. This quantum reduction in case leakage approaches the theoretical barometric limit of case sealing and has seldom been achieved before without the help of NASA.

By challenging the fundamental principle of case design, developing new sealing techniques, using alternative materials and trialling new test equipment, the technical team at ClickNetherfield were able to construct and test their cases to these incredibly high standards.

But before this irreplaceable masterpiece of mediaeval manuscripts could be installed, the case had to be setup and monitored for 6 months in its final location to prove the conservation criteria could be maintained.

Even though the exhibition was being constructed around the case during this time, the monitoring proved that the exacting environmental standards were being maintained and so the Lindisfarne Gospels was able to return to its native North East of England.

ClickNetherfield are proud to have contributed to the exhibition’s success and we were delighted that Lindisfarne Gospels Durham won two gold awards at the North East Tourism Awards, we wish them the very best in winning the National Final Award.

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