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Patents & trademarks

Patents applied for

Short Title: Projector illuminated display case

IP Title: "Method and apparatus for illuminating an object in a display case"
Click Netherfield Ltd

The above application was filed at the UK Intellectual Property Office on 12 January 2010 under number 1000447.1.

Patents granted

Side wall mounting for showcases

UK patent
Patent number: GB2354426
Filed: 25 Sept 1999
Certificate dated: 24 Mar 2004
Assignee: Netherfield Visual Ltd

Structure having a movable panel

European patent
Patent number: 0199578
Filed: 22 April 1986
Certificate dated: 29 September 1989
Assignee: Click Systems Limited

Subject: Showcase

United States patent
Patent number: US 6,398,322 B1
Date of patent: 04 June 2002
Assignee: Netherfield Visual Limited

Subject: Structure having a movable panel

United States patent
Patent number: US 4716693
Date of patent: 5 Jan 1998
Assignee: Click Systems Limited


"Panel Safe"

UK trademark number: 2231336
As of 4 May 2000. Certificate dated: 22 Dec 2000


US certificate of registration (Trademark)
Reg No. 2,883,257
Registered Sept 7 2004. Trademark principal register

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