Aga Khan Museum

Desgned by Fumihiko Maki, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto offers visitors a window into the heritage of Islamic civilizations across the centuries.

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The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto was inaugurated on the 12th September 2014. Founded by His Highness the Aga Khan, this permanent gallery exhibiting an exquisite collection of globally significant Muslim artefacts was designed by Studio Adrien Gardère.

"Our reputation for taking on technically difficult challenges was put to the test by the apparently simple design of the Aga Khan Exhibition Gallery that ultimately required us to advance our manufacturing processes in order to surpass the standards of all our stakeholders. The tight tolerances on the glass required us to modify our Bottero glass bevelling machine, so much so that we can now continuously hold tolerances that are tighter than the manufacturer warrants. This dedication to detail led us to buy a digital microscope to be able to measure the aris accurately, not to mention the fact that other engineering companies were hesitant to take on the challenge of machining the metal for the frames to the tight tolerances, so we did it ourselves to the required quality and achieved the tolerances across the full 4,200mm length. Despite the challenges of this brief, we were able to bring the project in on time and exceeding the expectations of the exhibition designers."

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What's Inside

The collection contains over one thousand artefacts and artworks and spans over one thousand years of history presenting an overview of the artistic accomplishments of Muslim civilisations


Aga Khan Museum


September 2014


Studio Adrien Gardère

Unique Features

The tight tolerances on the glass required us to modify our Bottero glass bevelling machine.

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