At the heart of Click Netherfield is our advanced manufacturing facility in Scotland. In-house manufacturing, ensuring total quality control and guaranteed performance, is what sets us apart from many of our competitors.

We have an unrivalled range of in-house capabilities. A unique part of the Click Netherfield experience that delights our clients is to visit and see their cases actually being manufactured.

It is our comprehensive in-house manufacturing capability that assures our ability to deliver the quality of products our clients expect and to achieve programmes.

exact digital 3D model of the case

We work with our clients to create an exact digital 3D model of the case so that every detail can be examined and approved. Our CAD CAM integration ensures that this digital 3D model is faithfully reproduced as the finished parts of the case.

The manufactured parts are brought together in our final assembly areas and subjected to strict sign-off procedures before being appropriately packaged for shipment to your site.

Our unrivalled in-house facilities include:

Glass processing
Aluminium fabrication
Sheet metalwork
CNC flat bed machining
Precision engineering
MIG, TIG and stud welding

Spray painting
Fabric wrapping
Direct to substrate printing

Component assembly
UV glass bonding
Structural glass bonding
Lighting and electrical work
Final Assembly
Quality Inspection

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We welcome you to come and visit us, so you can see first-hand what the Click Netherfield experience really means.

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