Imperial War Musuem, Holocaust Galleries

Imperial War Musuem Holocaust Galleries

Location International War Museum, London / Designers: Casson Mann / Fit-Out: Beck Interiors

The Holocaust Galleries within London’s International War Museum tell the stories of the six million Jewish people murdered in the Holocaust. Their stories are told through over 2000 photographs as well as books, artworks, letters and personal objects, educating the audience about one of the most devastating conflicts in human history.

The Imperial War Museum in London is dedicated to preserving and portraying the stories that came about as a result of this dark time in history and is the first museum to house the Second World War Galleries and the Holocaust Galleries under the same roof.

All 108 cases featured a combination of our standard humidity control facility designs, along with some specifically engineered passive humidity control facilities located within the case base and plinth structures.

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