Science Museum, Medicine Gallery

•	Faith, Hope and Fear gallery located in Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries. © Science Museum Group

Location Science Museum, London / Designers: Wilkinson Eyre / Fit-Out: Paragon / Images © Science Museum Group

“Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries” is a major exhibition at the Science Museum in London, which creates a magnificent home for the most significant medical collections in the world. The galleries cover more than 3000m² and span more than 500 years of history.

The 3000 medical artefacts on display are taken from the collections of Henry Wellcome and the Science Museum. Each gallery explores a different facet of medicine, the main themes including “Medicine and Bodies,” “Medicine and Communities” and “Medicine and Treatments.”

The gallery proves to be popular and something we too are incredibly proud of!

Keeley Carter
Science Museum Group

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