The case framework is made of aluminium or steel securely fixed together. Our smaller cases can be secured to the floor to prevent removal. For large cases we use a structural steel frame to provide greater rigidity. All glass and structural panels are securely fixed to the case framework. Higher levels of security can be achieved by securing all edges of glass within a metal edging channel.

Structural panels & baseboards

For the highest security we recommend steel panels.


The lighting diffuser should not be a weak point. Our diffusers can be made of steel or glass that meets the same specification as the main showcase panels.


We recommend Abloy™ locks. Where possible we recommend a two stage locking system:

  • The first stage mechanically secures the door in place and seals the case.
  • The second stage prevents access to the mechanical locking system.

This eases operation and avoids pressure on locks that may lead to failure.


Sensing devices for display cases can include magnetic contacts fitted to opening panels, passive infrared motion detectors, break glass detectors, vibration detectors and movement sensors. These sensors can be part of a self-contained battery operated unit, or linked back to a central security point through a cable infrastructure or through wireless transmissions.

ClickNetherfield have previously worked with ISIS to provide our clients with intelligent integrated security solutions.


We never use standard float glass to make our showcase structural panels. It is easy to break, and is dangerous to staff and the public if broken. Similarly, we rarely use toughened glass. While this is very hard, it has vulnerable corners and edges and can disintegrate unexpectedly in a dramatic manner harming staff, public and exhibits.

fluorescent lighting

AGO Treasury

Low voltage/Halogen lighting

Melbourne Museum

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Low voltage/Halogen lighting

Halifax Bank of Scotland Museum

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Did you know?

UK Government indemnity

If your case must meet Government indemnity requirements, it should be constructed with laminated glass at least 11.5mm thick. Further information and advice is available in the UK from Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

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