Design Engineering

Our expert design teams consistently engineer solutions that provide the highest level of performance. 

Diligent Designers

We’ve worked with world-renowned architects and exhibition design teams whose vision has been enhanced and realised by our in-house design engineers. It’s essential to realise the potential of an innovative design scheme; once we’ve produced samples, mock-ups and prototypes, regular reviews are held as showcase drawings are rolled out.

Innovative Systems for Seamless Integration

Working mainly in Inventor and offering cloud-based access to 3D models to our clients, designers and building partners, our showcase solutions can be viewed and shared in a collaborative process. In taking input from BIM models, 3D building scans and architectural and design models such as Sketch Up, we aim to deliver a seamless design integration of showcases within the project.

Quality Assurance

Whether it’s the sealing of your case, the environmental controls, the lighting, the opening systems or the presentation of the objects, it’s critical that these systems are rigorously tested. For every project, we check structural integrity and performance using Finite Element Analysis and our design team is actively involved straight through to quality assurance for every single showcase produced.

We encourage you to enquire about a Design Engineering demo as you consider our services.

sealing of your museum case

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