Conservation and Security

From inert materials to low oxygen environments, conservation is at the heart of our showcase designs.

Customised Preservation Solutions

Our quality management team carry out rigorous air exchange testing of cases at final assembly and on-site – it’s crucial that the case materials do not emit any pollutants that could react with the artefacts on display. Whether it’s nation-defining documents, mummies, or particularly fragile objects, we’ll design the right environmental system that is needed to preserve and protect your unique exhibit.

rigorous air exchange testing of cases
Ensuring the Utmost Care

Ensuring the Utmost Care

We continually work with the British Museum and the Material Working Group of the AIC to test a range of materials – such as adhesives, seals, fabrics and sheet materials – before they are approved for use within our cases. At every step, object safety and collections care is the driving force behind everything we do; our conservation team participates in the commercial and tendering process and follow all the way through the project lifecycle to ensure compliance throughout.

We Take Security Seriously

Throughout today’s tumultuous times, we understand the need to provide your artefacts with the utmost protection possible. One of our showcases was recently victim to vandalism, with the outer glass layer smashed using mallets, chisels and rocks. Within this case was the original sword of William Wallace, which after the attack remained completely unharmed. We believe that this is a testament to how tough our showcases really are – your artefacts will be kept safe and sound within a Click Netherfield showcase.

Kept safe and sound within a Click Netherfield showcase

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